Things Not to be Missed in Asturias – Part 3

The third and concluding part of our epic trip of northern Spain to discover the delights of Asturias visits even more delightful places that abound in this largely forgotten part of Spain. So far we have discovered wild and rugged coastlines and been to sleepy villages and delightful busy harbors.

In this blog we uncover the delights of Oviedo, the towering cliffs at Cabo Vidio, and the intriguing town of Colombres.


There was a Woody Allen quote about Oviedo that sums the town up pretty accurately, A delicious, exotic, beautiful, clean, pleasant, tranquil, and pedestrianized city, like it did not belong to this world, like it didn’t exist… Oviedo is like a fairy tale. Granted, the saying is coloured by the personal views and experiences, but it captures the feel of the region quite well. And this wonderful description of Oviedo by Woody Allen encapsulates everything that is good about this captivating place. It is enchanting and wondrous and a place that its people adore and respect. Oviedo is the capital of the Asturias and deservedly so, the many small markets bring life and vigor to the place, it is buzzing with the activity of everyday life.

The prettiest part of the city has to be around the old town. The old buildings that exist in this part are delightfully color-washed as they rise from the ancient cobbled streets to greet you. There are enchanting shops to browse in and many small cafes with a table or two outside that you can sip a strong espresso and rest a while. The best known market in Oviedo is the Mercado El Fontan where they sell every manner of locally raised and grown produce that you can imagine. From cured meats, to fresh fish and everything in between including juicy fruits and plump vegetables.


From the sublime to the ridiculous as they say, the next destination on our exploration through the Asturias are the towering cliffs of Cabo Vidio which you can find just outside the town of Ovinana. This inhospitable place is a must when visiting Asturias as they are simply incredible. The cliffs tower over the land and sea below and are the perfect place to see the awesomeness of the Bay of Biscay. For hikers they also offer great trails that can be followed in and around the rocky landscape.


Everybody is aware of the great past Spain has had discovering new nations and developing new colonies all around the world, but none so great as those in the Latinas or Latin America. Spanish immigrants have travelled thousands of miles around the globe to settle in far flung places such as Mexico, Argentina and Columbia.

Colombres as its name suggest has strong connections to these parts of the world and it celebrates the impact that it had on the lives of its people in Asturias. In the center of Colombres is a museum that tells the story of the peoples of the area and their quest for a better life over the oceans. We leave our journey across the Asturias at this poignant place and wait for the next trip to northern Spain.

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