Things Not to be Missed in Asturias – Part 1

Asturias is one of Spain’s hidden gems, hardly known outside of the country it is definitely as path less trodden. Asturias is also many things, it has fantastically rugged coastlines, gorgeous sandy beaches and can offer a true wilderness. In the wilder parts of Asturias wolves and wild boar still roam freely, then there are quaint little towns with enchanting architecture and buildings dating back to the medieval times. And alongside all this the good people of Asturias definitely know how to make cider!

So why it Asturias is ignored by so many international tourists? Perhaps because it is nestled in the far northwest of Spain, away from the big tourist resorts. Asturias is crammed between the Bay of Biscay and the lofty cragged mountains of Cantabria and is a super place to spend some time in, and in this blog we give you some pointers to discover the best places to see and things to do.

Enjoy a Refreshing Glass of Cider

Spain is not recognized as a place that you would associate with cider production. England, France and Ireland perhaps yes, but Asturias makes some fabulous cider and some of the very best in Europe. The glorious honey almost red colored brew is packed with flavor and gives a big apple punch at the end. Most of the cider made in this area of Spain is flat, and this has led to a highly unusual and theatrical way that this drink is traditionally poured.

The waiters have a long ladle and pour the cider from high up above your head straight into your glass which is on a table roughly three feet below. Then the patrons are encouraged to drink up quickly so the bubbles do not dissipate, preferably down in one gulp. Asturias has turned cider drinking into a highly social event, and traditionally you will share the same glass with your friends. These great and fun filled cider bars are called Ciderias, and they can be found all over the countryside and in the small villages. Perhaps take a tour of a traditional cider house and see how they make their refreshing brew.


Visit Llanes

Most tourist’s idea of Spain are the big cities like Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville. Or perhaps the southern beach areas such as the Costa Blanca or the Costa del Sol.

But where do the Spanish go when they want a holiday?

Surprisingly many shun the tourist areas and visit places like the Basque Region and towns like Llanes in the northern part of the country. Here the searing heat of the big cities can be escaped from, there are enchanting coastlines and exquisite villages such as this one. Llanes is purely enchanting, it is a fairy-tale medieval city still surrounded by its crumbling stone walls. Situated right on the coast it still has a busy harbor and many superb beaches which are quite desolate compared to the southern tourist holiday beaches.

Highly recommended is a stroll along the Paseo de San Pedro which is a quint pathway that will take you high up above the city for the most dramatic views of the city and the coast, which includes the spectacular Bay of Biscay. In part two of our blog we discover more great things to see and do in Asturias.

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