Museums of Asturias Part 2

Perfect for kids or any adults who haven’t lost their enthusiasm for the creatures of the prehistoric world. Creatively shaped like the giant footprint of a dinosaur this museum guides visitors through a journey in time as they leap back millions of years and then progress quickly through each period. Here you will learn about how the planets environment changed drastically and how the animals and plant life had to adapt to stay alive. As you wander through the Triassic period area you will be confronted with the skeletal structure of a Plateosaurus, the largest dinosaur of the era. There are plenty more bone structures to be seen here as the exhibit guides you onwards, even better is the Asturias specific section where you can see fossils and other materials gathered from the region. These artefacts give a much more localised sense that the dinosaurs really roamed the same ground you now walk upon. And if that wasn’t evidence enough the coast of dinosaurs is just nearby, named because of all the footprints, markings and other fragments of history left behind by these huge creatures. Of course, it wouldn’t be a dinosaur exhibit without these behemoths represented in a realistic way, head out to the garden area to walk amongst several full-size dinosaur statues, unquestionably a great photo opportunity.

La Peña Cave Interpretation Centre

For a more human-centric look at the past this previously closed historical area is now open to the public though demand is recognisably high. With the exhibit at a stately home nearby which has 3D representations of the cave paintings on display, here you can study the importance and the research performed by professional historians. Guided tours here are frequent and will help you understand the significance and importance of these incredible marks of our ancestors. Not to far away from here is the actual cave system hidden underneath the modern world above where the Palaeolithic paintings and engravings were first discovered. The caves alone are terrific but the signatures left behind by our distant relatives make this place truly remarkable.

La Peña Cave Interpretation Centre

La Peña Cave Interpretation Centre

Fine Arts Museum of Asturias

This modern museum for fin arts opened up in 1980 and has come to house creations by some of the greatest artists of the past and present. In their permanent collection there are paintings by some of Spain’s most highly regarded creators including none other than El Greco, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and more many of which are in a dedicated avant-garde section. The well lit and contemporary space here serves as a fine backdrop for renaissance works regarded as masterpieces. There are also plenty of more tactile artworks on display here including sculptures that come from the baroque period up until modern day. What’s also great about this place is that it serves more than just a place to browse as it hosts several educational workshops,  a place to sit and watch art films and also houses a substantial library of art history for those looking to learn more.

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