How to Enjoy Remote Asturias

Asturias has a reputation for being wild, unspoilt and almost inaccessible, making it the perfect destination for those who want to get away from the busy pace of modern life. Whether as a holiday or with the intention of a more permanent visit, a trip to Asturias promises to delight and enchant you, with the region’s impressive mountain vistas, rolling fields of green and hidden quiet beaches creating a magical world to happily get lost in.

For the intrepid explorers among us, there is plenty of opportunity to venture into the more remote parts of the area by foot, bicycle, horseback, car or rail, and an abundance of adventure to be found when you reach your destination. Asturias boasts some of Spain’s best kept secrets like the Picos de Europa mountains, the Roman bridge over the Sella river, and last but not least, the local cider which is made all over the principality.

If you’re desperate to delve into the more remote parts of this beautiful region, then read on to find out which activities should shoot straight to the top of your to do list.



Wildlife Watching

Animal lovers will rejoice in the rich variety of rare and fascinating species that still reside in the untouched landscape of Asturias. There is a healthy population of brown bears in the region, as well as griffon vultures, peregrine falcons, wolves, wild boar and civet cats. The elusive capercaillie makes the rugged landscape its home alongside goshawks, eagles and deer and, along the coastline, you will find many species of local fish thriving. If you’re very lucky, you may even spot a school of bottlenose dolphins.

The opportunity to see this assortment of animal characters comes in the form of both guided wildlife tours and quiet, careful watching whilst hiking or camping in the area. Although there’s no guarantee that you will encounter any of these creatures (and in the case of bears or wolves, you may not want to anyway), you will certainly enjoy being amongst the area’s rich biodiversity which includes inhabitants like cormorants, wood pigeons, mountain goats and Asturcón ponies.

Working the Landscape

If you would like to get more involved with the landscape of Asturias on a daily basis, then there are plenty of hands-on experiences available. Organisations like Workaway and WWOOF offer placements with local inhabitants so that you can get stuck in to restoring traditional Asturian stone houses, building new permaculture gardens and caring for animals, all within the breathtaking scenery of the area. This a great way to get to grips with places that are off the beaten track and experience life not as a tourist, but as an Asturian local.

If you’re after the peace and quiet of the region’s surroundings but don’t fancy getting your hands dirty, then Asturias is on its way to becoming a great remote working destination. Despite its rural image, the principality has a well-connected business world operating within it and is, of course, connected to the rest of the planet via the internet. For many people, working from home is a key composite of their dream life, along with easy access to wild nature. However, there is also a recognisable need to stay in touch with the modern world, even whilst keeping it at arm’s length. Asturias is well set up for contemporary luxuries such as watching movies, online gaming at Pokerstars Casino or staying in touch with friends via Zoom. Just because you’ve ventured into the wild doesn’t mean that you have to be cut off completely. For a lot of young professionals, this outlandish way of living is becoming a desirable alternative to city life.

Secret Beaches & Cave Paintings

Although the inland scenery is certainly worthy of praise, Asturias really shines along its coastline too. Named the Costa Verde, or ‘Green Coast’, this area is just as luscious and bountiful as the interior and boasts all manner of exiting destinations like secret beaches and hidden prehistoric cave art.

The fascinating and accomplished artworks found in caves like Covaciella, Los Azules, and Tito Bustillo show the expression of a primitive spirituality, a record of early civilized life and evidence of the human need to create. If you choose to visit, then you will be awestruck not only by the paintings themselves but also by their imposing, majestic backdrop in the form of rock formations and soaring cave walls. This is truly a trip back in time and an opportunity like no other to feel close to our early ancestors.

Back out in the sunshine, you may be looking for that same sense of peace and solitude but under the open sky and next to the gentle lapping waves of the Bay of Biscay. If so, then you are spoilt for choice when it comes to hidden beaches. Playa de Torimbia is perhaps the most remote of them all, tucked away next to Cape Prieto and far away from the bustle of civilisation. It is a picturesque bay filled with pristine golden sand and protected from the might of the open sea by gently curving cliff faces and rocky outcrops.

Costa Verde

Costa Verde

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